So the domestic old bitter lady that operates inside Murray has been dying to make soy candles lately. And here’s the outcome. Smells sooooooo gewd. Here’s the step by step for my friengz that might wanna try it.

  1. See all the materials you need in picture 1.
  2. Take a somewhat old ass candle that you’re upset about for burning out too fast and smell that you love. I chose the Blue Agave & Bamboo soy candle I bought from Target that went out too quickly. RIP.
  3. Throw that candle in the freezer for a night.
  4. When you take it out the candle wax will easily come out. 
  5. Take the wax you have, remove the wick at the bottom and put it in a mug and nuke that shit in the microwave. (Make sure the wax is microwaveable, my knowledge on soy wax is that its a-okay. idk about parafin. also, don’t mix waxes. just don’t do it!)
  6. Take some new soy wax and mix it in with the old wax. Swish swish
  7. Put the wick in the center of the container & pour in your hot wax.
  8. Get some chopsticks (don’t separate it) and use it to hold the wick in place cus the wick gets limp and we all know that’s a problem.
  9. Let it chill in for an hour or so and enjoy your new-ish candle!
  10. Cut excess wick if you don’t wanna die a fiery death.
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